Mount Tambourine, The Real Paradise To Visit

Everyone must have heard about Mount Tamborine in Queensland and the ones who have not, it is high time you pack your bags to visit this scenic beauty. This old thriving region now encompasses boutique wineries, award-winning restaurants, art galleries, sweeping coastal views and a delicate blend of old and new-world charm. The mountain also boasts a fantastic brewery and Australia’s most internationally awarded distillery. The climate of this plateau stays between maxima of 17 °C in winter and 25 °C in summer, and is usually 5 °C to 7 °C degrees cooler than the surrounding lowlands because it is at elevation of 1722 ft from ground. Winters are usually dry and sunny. A Lot of things a visitor can find and enjoy being in Queensland. I will highlight Natural attractions and scenic drives only.

Let’s start with Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk; this is a 40 meter long span soaring 30 meters above the valley. After start you depart the Rainforest Eco Gallery and begin on a spectacular elevated walkway through the beautiful middle and upper canopies of the rainforest. The walkway is a stable, high-tech steel structure enabling you to explore these canopies in a safe and secure way. It descends gradually to the lower canopy and follows points of interest including rock pools, butterfly lookout, local history information and sheltered rest areas along the way until reaching the amazing Cantilever.

If seeking for some adventure it has Thunderbird Park. Here, one can choose a shaded campsite for tents and vans in the natural bush land or on the banks of tumbling Cedar  Creek  and while walking here, one can explore the natural bush land along the walking tracks, see hundreds of colorful birds, Australian native animals and rare plants.

Getting back on wine, one can easily find Valley Vineyards in there and enjoy a glass of award-winning wine, a delicious meal or High Tea on the verandah of the historic Queenslander homestead or picnic by the creek under the shade of the Silky Oaks. In Queensland, Australia cultivates nearly 9 varieties of grapes which are used for production of best wine.

At Mount Tamborine, one can easily find best accommodations, hotels, cafes according to every need. So envisage drinking that wine and rejoicing like we used to do in childhood in beautiful and thrilling rain forests.