Mount Tambourine, The Real Paradise To Visit

Everyone must have heard about Mount Tamborine in Queensland and the ones who have not, it is high time you pack your bags to visit this scenic beauty. This old thriving region now encompasses boutique wineries, award-winning restaurants, art galleries, sweeping coastal views and a delicate blend of old and new-world charm. The mountain also boasts a fantastic brewery and Australia’s most internationally awarded distillery. The climate of this plateau stays between maxima of 17 °C in winter and 25 °C in summer, and is usually 5 °C to 7 °C degrees cooler than the surrounding lowlands because it is at elevation of 1722 ft from ground. Winters are usually dry and sunny. A Lot of things a visitor can find and enjoy being in Queensland. I will highlight Natural attractions and scenic drives only.

Let’s start with Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk; this is a 40 meter long span soaring 30 meters above the valley. After start you depart the Rainforest Eco Gallery and begin on a spectacular elevated walkway through the beautiful middle and upper canopies of the rainforest. The walkway is a stable, high-tech steel structure enabling you to explore these canopies in a safe and secure way. It descends gradually to the lower canopy and follows points of interest including rock pools, butterfly lookout, local history information and sheltered rest areas along the way until reaching the amazing Cantilever.

If seeking for some adventure it has Thunderbird Park. Here, one can choose a shaded campsite for tents and vans in the natural bush land or on the banks of tumbling Cedar  Creek  and while walking here, one can explore the natural bush land along the walking tracks, see hundreds of colorful birds, Australian native animals and rare plants.

Getting back on wine, one can easily find Valley Vineyards in there and enjoy a glass of award-winning wine, a delicious meal or High Tea on the verandah of the historic Queenslander homestead or picnic by the creek under the shade of the Silky Oaks. In Queensland, Australia cultivates nearly 9 varieties of grapes which are used for production of best wine.

At Mount Tamborine, one can easily find best accommodations, hotels, cafes according to every need. So envisage drinking that wine and rejoicing like we used to do in childhood in beautiful and thrilling rain forests.


A Trip to Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain incorporates everything a weekend holiday terminus should and find the preeminent sub-tropical rainforests that are consecrated with the glorious waterfalls and viewpoints that offer awe stirring views from the hinterland to the sea.

Head into the township and uncover an appealing collection of antique boutiques, gift shops, charming cafes and artistic hideaways. Browse through an exceptional collectables, store up on home-made fudge or discover that piece of art you have long been looking for.

Head back to the nature and get on a walk through the great rainforest canopies or find the highlights of the glow worm caves.

Where to Stay:Campbell’s Cottage is indisputably the paramount place to stay on Mount Tamborine. This private cottage has been renovated to its former glory and relishes a peaceful setting in a beautiful wooded region.Ideal for those willing to get away from it all, the cottage is inside close proximity to the prominent Mount Tamborine Gallery Walk, which is a must visit for all nature lovers. It is also situated within a perfect position to shopping, golfing, and MT Tamborine restaurants facilities. The cottage can easily sleep up to six persons and provides an entirely equipped kitchen and heater for the chiller evenings.

What to Do:

Rainforest Skywalk

Located above 30 acres of wonderful rainforest, a striking tumbling creek and a number of pristine rock pools, the MT Tamborine skywalk is unquestionably the superlative way to experience the rainforest. Explore the great canopies in a completely new light and find a complete new world, living above the forest floor.

TM Distillery

The Tamborine Mountain Distillery is the Australia’s most globally awarded Liquor and Distillery brand in the New Millennium.

Pick up Schnapps, a bottle of liqueur, or Spirits in an attractively hand-painted bottle, or just wander around the lovely property and learn more about the distillation procedure.

Glow Worm Caves

Head underground and embark upon a journey through enormous caves that are blazing with the bright glowing of the radiant worm caves.

While the beautiful caves here were man-made, they seem unbelievably natural and make for an experience that won’t soon be elapsed.

Thunderbird Park

Considered as the place “where venture joins nature”, Thunderbird Park is a perfect spot for those of all ages.

Tackle Australia’s leading adventure rope course, fossick for the thunder eggs, go for horse riding and finish off the day by dining in the certified Rain-forest Bistro.

Scarecrow Festival on Mount Tamborine – A Complete fun event for your Family

The Tamborine Mountain celebrates the Scarecrow Festival every year with full enthusiasm and passion. There are various fun activities, music and entertainment sources in this festival. A large number of scarecrows are displayed that are made by people from every age group. Near about 200 scare crows are displayed in this festival. There are various prizes kept for the best scarecrows made.

The scarecrow festival started initially in 2008. At that time there were 60 scarecrows in the festival and it was a huge success. From that time it is loved and awaited by the residents and visitors impatiently. It is celebrated in the month of October. There is a lot to do at this festival including creation of a unique scare crow which can fetch a number of prizes. There are shops, accommodation, cafes and other facilities which increase the fun level several times. This festival makes the weekend memorable for the citizens and the visitors both. The Scarecrow festival of 2013 was a fun filled weekend for everyone. It was a gigantic success and people of every age group participated in this event with full passion. There was a great variety of entertainment like singers, musicians, dancers and drummers who performed on the streets and mt tamborine restaurants.

The scarecrow festival at Mt Tambourine is full of entertainment, busters, face painters, street performers, poetry and coloring competitions, talent quest and many more things. Besides this, a family Bush Dance is also organized on the Saturday night. This dance is a real fun for very young, very old, and everyone in between. The whole weekend is full of fun and leisure. Finally on Sunday afternoon this festival winds up with lots of entertainment and prize distribution. Every year people come up with more creative ideas and curiosity for making different type of scarecrows. Hope that number of scarecrows will increase in 2014!

Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain is a plateau in the Scenic Rim Region, Gold Coast Hinterland, south-east Queensland, Australia. This cliff-like ridge of land was formed, 22 million years ago, from the effusion of lava flowed from Mount Warning volcanic eruption. It is situated just 62 km from Brisbane and is the best get away from work and stress at any time of the year. Since the climate remains, comparatively, cooler than the surrounding lowlands, the place is a very famous tourist destination.

The history of the Tamborine Mountain goes back to tens of thousands of years when the place was inhabited by the Aborigines and then came in the European people to settle down in the place. The name of the mountain came from Yugambeh language word: ‘Jambreen’ which means wild lime and got the reference from the finger lime trees. The Tamborine National Park includes a 38 square kilometers of Important Bird Area (IBA) identified by the Birdlife International.

Three village communities: North Tamborine, Eagle Heights and Mount Tamborine, are the only human settlement area on the plateau. The place is famous for its bed and breakfast accommodations and the scenic beauty that can very well be enjoyed from the rooms. Various places to visit or sightseeing are:

  • Gallery Walk:

Gallery Walk is a long road that attracts many of the tourists to the place. The street is famous due to two reasons: one is that it is directly on the way from the Gold Coast and the second is that the street has a lot of art galleries, café’s and souvenir shops.

  • Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk

It is an amazing environmental walk over the canopy to see the dense flora and fauna, the rainforest floor and the native wildlife. There is also an eco information gallery, rock pools and a butterfly lookout.

  • Glow Worm Caves

It is a man-made attraction built purposely for the breeding of the Queensland glow-worms. The temperature and moisture are maintained in the cave with the high-pressure misting system. Glow Worm Caves were opened for visitors in the March 2006.

There are many other places to visit on Mount Tamborine markets, village, walk tracks to enjoy the scenic beauty, farmer’s market gathering to sell products directly from farmers. It is a place worth a visit to relax and rejuvenate the soul, mind and body.

Mt Tamborine Wineries

Mt Tamborine is famous for its natural beauty. Every year, around one million people visit Tamborine Mountain for one reason or the other. One of the main reasons is that Mountain prides to possess a lot of varying wineries. These diverse wineries offer a huge variety of whites, reds, sparkling, fortified and all kind of wines. Each and every winery has its own flair and ambience. The one thing that they possess in common is the excellent taste and capability to produce award winning wines.

Some of the wineries producing enticing and tempting wine are as follow:

1.Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard & Winery: This winery is set on 22 acres of land and has Cedar Creek flowing through the property. It is located on Tamborine Mountain and is surrounded by beautiful views, rain forest and National Park land. One can experience the great boutique wines and port. They offer a very friendly treatment at Cellar Door. The staff here is very professional and they provide informative review of all wines. The Heritage Bar is also available for large groups or a private tasting. It is a huge room where one can enjoy the Australian ambiance.

2.Sarabah Estate Vineyard: It is another beautiful vineyard. The beauty of this vineyard begins with the drive to the estate. It has beautiful surroundings of the Scenic Rim, and the relaxed atmosphere for a peaceful and serene time. It is open for the weekend also; one can taste the superb wine between 11am – 4pm. With an experience of 12 years, Jon Heslop, the Vineyard’s wine maker, turns the hand chosen grapes from the French vines into a range of superb red, white, rose and sparkling wines.

3.Albert River Wines: It is an award Winning Boutique Winery & Function Centre. This winery is set high on the hill, with amazing views to Tamborine Mountain and the surrounding Hinterland. Boutique Wineries are those whose wines are available directly through the winery. Therefore, wines can only be purchased through Albert river wine’s Cellar Door. It can be ordered through a mail order or at selected restaurants.

4.Witches’ fall’s winery: It is a small winery, located on Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland. They source premium grapes from the Granite Belt and produce a selected range of handmade Queensland wines. They have won many awards for producing the tastiest wines. This winery is open daily for wine tasting, tours and sales. They take fantastic fruit from Queensland and produce enticing fine wines. To know more on mt tamborine wineries visit at

Upcoming Events at Mt Tambourine

Life is full of enjoyment and fun at Mt Tambourine. Some of the upcoming Mt Tambourine events which can thrill and fill one’s life with fun are mentioned below:

1. Tambourine Mountain Scarecrow Festival 2013:
This event is celebrated annually and people are greatly excited about it. This event celebrates the great lifestyle of the Mountain and people share the same with the visitors too. It includes a huge sculpture show based on the scarecrow theme.Each and every person is seen busy in making a scare crow and also they encourage other for the same. The ready scarecrows are displayed on “Spot the Scarecrow discovery trail”. Some of them display them in front of their homes too. The displayed scare crows compete for great prizes and fame. This event will be starting on 18th October, 2013 and will be completed on 20th    at Tambourine Mountain.

2. Green Shed Market at Tambourine Mountain:
A market full of fresh fruits and vegetables is a great place to shop for. In the Green shed market one can find a wide range of high quality and fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides this there is also nuts, flowers, honey, plants and herbs for sale. The timing for this will be 7:00 AM to 12:00PM on 20th October, 2013. Location for this  mt tamborine markets will be the Showground, Main western Rd, and Mount Tambourine, Queensland.

3. EliVino’s Witches Falls Wild Ferment Wine Lunch:
To enjoy the Wild Ferment Wines, one can join the 5 star, James Halliday who is an ascribed owner and a professional winemaker. It is the one and only winery capable of making full time wine. It offers a great menu including Hervey bay scallops, slow cooked pork belly, venison tartlet and many more. One can enjoy the superb wine lunch on 26th October, 2013 from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM. It will be organized at Delivino at Mt Tambourine.

4.Tambourine Mountain School Markets:
School markets at Mt Tambourine are sponsored by the local state school. These markets are placed at the corner of Curtis and Long Road. It is best known for the best burgers and along this one can enjoy pancakes, bacon or an egg roll with hot coffee or tea. One will find clothing, tools, growers, face paintings, woodwork and many other things. Along this books and antiques also attract people to these markets. It is a fun filled place and also one can shop for ornaments, toys, creams, soaps etc. This event will start at 27th October at 8:00 AM.

Country Markets at Mount Tambourine

Mount Tamborine is located in the peaceful and attractive environment. It is at an Imagehour distance from Queensland and the Gold Shore. In this peaceful environment, spice is added to life by country markets. These markets are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month. The place where these markets are positioned is the Tamborine Mountain Showground, at the roundabout of main western road and Bartle road.

Mount Tamborine is a tropical rainforest inhabited with unique, brilliantly colorful, exotic birds and many enthralling variations of flora and fauna. The natural beauty provides a tranquility and serenity which enables one to escape from the nonstop daily noise. It gives a change to the never ending hectic schedule of our daily routines. Along with family, one can enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy the outstanding fun at Mt Tamborine country markets.

The market over here is not the usual one; it is filled with more fun, entertainment and lots of shopping. There are about 200 or more stalls to go for in these markets. It includes everything ranging from original jams, fruits, chutneys and vegetables for ones kitchen. Fantastic crafts, clothing, jewellery, etc are also found in wide range. Not only this, one can taste, smell and feel the products before purchasing them.

At country markets, one gets lip smacking breakfast, and snacks. The menu contains a wide range of international items and drinks. The list is too long that one may get confused while selecting the best item. For example, the dishes offered here are from Chinese and Mexican cuisines, Thai omelet’s, Bavarian sausages, yummy burgers, sandwiches, corn on cob, and in drinks coffee, teas, fresh fruit juices, etc. In desserts, one can enjoy delicious cakes and smoothies.

These mt tamborine events are are held at fun filled places . The toddlers can have fun at the rides. Not only are this there many activities to keep them busy. Jumping castles, mini Jeeps, face painting and pony rides are some of the activities which will keep the toddlers busy and allow their parents to relax and shop more. While for the parents or the youngsters there are so many options to enjoy their visit to country markets. They can listen to some awesome live music played by the musicians or can watch artists at work. They can also just relax themselves and lay back on the green grass under the blue sky.  Large shady trees offer a break from the summer heat and the fresh air in the mountains makes one feel more comfortable. The wide open area allows soaking in the sun on cooler days, making it an ideal destination.