Country Markets at Mount Tambourine

Mount Tamborine is located in the peaceful and attractive environment. It is at an Imagehour distance from Queensland and the Gold Shore. In this peaceful environment, spice is added to life by country markets. These markets are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month. The place where these markets are positioned is the Tamborine Mountain Showground, at the roundabout of main western road and Bartle road.

Mount Tamborine is a tropical rainforest inhabited with unique, brilliantly colorful, exotic birds and many enthralling variations of flora and fauna. The natural beauty provides a tranquility and serenity which enables one to escape from the nonstop daily noise. It gives a change to the never ending hectic schedule of our daily routines. Along with family, one can enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy the outstanding fun at Mt Tamborine country markets.

The market over here is not the usual one; it is filled with more fun, entertainment and lots of shopping. There are about 200 or more stalls to go for in these markets. It includes everything ranging from original jams, fruits, chutneys and vegetables for ones kitchen. Fantastic crafts, clothing, jewellery, etc are also found in wide range. Not only this, one can taste, smell and feel the products before purchasing them.

At country markets, one gets lip smacking breakfast, and snacks. The menu contains a wide range of international items and drinks. The list is too long that one may get confused while selecting the best item. For example, the dishes offered here are from Chinese and Mexican cuisines, Thai omelet’s, Bavarian sausages, yummy burgers, sandwiches, corn on cob, and in drinks coffee, teas, fresh fruit juices, etc. In desserts, one can enjoy delicious cakes and smoothies.

These mt tamborine events are are held at fun filled places . The toddlers can have fun at the rides. Not only are this there many activities to keep them busy. Jumping castles, mini Jeeps, face painting and pony rides are some of the activities which will keep the toddlers busy and allow their parents to relax and shop more. While for the parents or the youngsters there are so many options to enjoy their visit to country markets. They can listen to some awesome live music played by the musicians or can watch artists at work. They can also just relax themselves and lay back on the green grass under the blue sky.  Large shady trees offer a break from the summer heat and the fresh air in the mountains makes one feel more comfortable. The wide open area allows soaking in the sun on cooler days, making it an ideal destination.


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